I'm Meng


As a Web Developer with a keen eye for UI/UX design, I take pride in crafting dynamic and interactive digital experiences. I approach every project with innovation, ensuring a balance between creativity and functionality.


Yolngu Knowledge Framework

The Yolngu Knowledge Framework website is a cultural landmark digital platform, co-created with local rangers and designed by a Darwin professional, featuring a dual-language interface in English and Yolngu Matha. It embodies a significant stride in marrying cutting-edge web development with profound cultural engagement, aiming to preserve and share the rich heritage of the Yolngu people.



MY GPT is an innovative web application inspired by OpenAI's GPT model, crafted using React.js and Django. It presents an engaging chatbot experience, offering interactive conversations. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), MY GPT guarantees superior performance and scalability, demonstrating a thoughtful blend of AI, modern web development, and cloud services.


Capstone Connect

A comprehensive full-stack application, designed to streamline the capstone project selection process for students, enhancing the communication flow between students and lecturers through the use of automated email dispatch and scheduled tasks (cron jobs).


NT Bus Tracker

A high-fidelity Figma prototype that proposing a solution for real-time tracking and scheduling for the NT Bus System. This design vividly illustrates the potential enhancements to user interface and functionality, providing a new standard for public transit experiences.


Epic To-Do

A React-based To-Do list web application, coupled with a highly responsive and aesthetically pleasing landing page for promotion. The application facilitates efficient task management, while the landing page, designed with responsiveness in mind, ensures optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.


Food Keeper

A versatile cross-platform mobile application, expressly crafted for youth groups, designed to oversee and manage home ingredients. This comprehensive tool simplifies inventory tracking and ensures optimal usage of resources, promoting both efficiency and sustainability in home cooking endeavors.


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